For small and large numbers, for the typical cramped kitchen of the historic centers and large kitchens organized large-scale, Lotus spa can count on two great strengths: the articulation, designed for every range keeping in mind the different compatible dimensions and the design, for range of models that can be perfectly integrated and coordinated with each other whilst maintaining the harmony and the functionality/performance of the service.

    With the 6 base depth available – 50/55/60/65/70/90 – LOTUS spa combines an infinite variety of solutions and allows to create new original depth at any time: 110/120/130/140/150/180. Lotus offers everything you need for standard in-line, wall, cantilever, bridge or island and eventually particular built-in solutions: FreeLotus and FreeBlock. Last but not least, Lotus offers specific solutions for the nautical world with the assurance of reliability, performance and attractive appearance.

    LOTUS spa designs and verify dimensions, measures, different powers, new or additional equipment, such as salamanders, grills, lava rock, ceramic floors, pans, as well as technological innovations such as the induction, the wok, the sousvide/vacuum cooking and the softcooker which improve the functionality of a kitchen and respond flexibly to new needs of traditional, multi-ethnic and international levels.

    Modularity and easy compatibilitysecurity and freedom of assembly, availability of accessories to support, are the requirements of the wide range of distinctive lines and models LOTUS spa, style is unmistakably „made in Italy“ which guarantees to work in an environment more pleasant, efficient and efficient.


    LOTUS, which started out in 1985 as an artisans enterprise, had what it took to build and consolidate its business following efficient and well organised industrial lines, perfecting its internal organisation and obtaining ISO 9002 certification as early as 1996 and ISO 9001 immediately after, in 1998. This growth and development also affected the products: from a company specialising exclusively in the manufacturing of snack equipment, LOTUS went on to successfully manufacture other product lines: from the professional lines ‘70’ and ‘90’ up to the new cooking systems, which can meet and address the different needs.

    Its product range, including cookers and fryers, ovens and toasters, pasta
    cookers and frankfurter cookers, chilled base elements and salamanders, is designed to be incorporated and integrated into cooking systems capable of dealing with the most diverse of requirements.

    All LOTUS products are CE approved and guarantee compliance with the best safety requirements, making for total reliability, easy care and cleaning. LOTUS products are also used in the hospital sector, a further guarantee of the quality of its products.

    For LOTUS, quality is a highly qualifying feature of its ongoing organisational and managerial improvement process. LOTUS believes that its achievements thus far are merely an incitement to give customers even more. To this end, in order tocomply with international standards and directives, the equipment comes with UL (Canada and USA)AGA (Australia) and GOST (Russia) certifications. Furthermore, the fryers in the LotusMarine line comply with SOLASrequirements.



    Owing to its ongoing commitment to development, LOTUS has demonstrated that it has the potential and the ability to accommodate concretely and completely the needs of the large-scale catering sector and cooking centres for communities requiring the production of significant numbers of dishes.

    LOTUS is now the benchmark for all catering professionals in search of innovative solutions in terms of technology and construction, with a view to optimising and reducing consumption levels, and for planners, architects, designers, interior decorators that like to suggest and design singular layouts featuring an accurate, tailor-made, high performance design. Moreover, worth mentioning is the extreme versatility, afforded by the countless combinations of product lines and all our perfectly integrating products, that widens the possibilities of creating the kitchens of the future: in full view, attractive and for everyday use, practical and ergonomic, marked by perfectly co-ordinated styling and functional like no other but LOTUS can guarantee, thanks also to its manufacturing performed entirely in Italy.

    Thanks to its new product line, FreeLotus©, Lotus expands its scope of response to the new demands for professional built-in cooking lines, which can be fitted in enbloc solutions for those in search of an important, efficient and reliable cooker, the ideal choice also for those who want to add a touch of true professionalism in the kitchen of their apartment or house.

    LOTUS guarantees an easy and deductive offer system by using a clear method of description of the offer for every single unit. This has been made possible by the fact that the company plans and designs directly the interior layout and has a direct experience of many tailor made interventions, which have already been realized and installed.

    Last but not least, it should be considered that the whole production is made in Italy and precisely in its own factory with prompt delivery.